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Link Fairy is the perfect tool for businesses and entrepreneurs to give themselves a boost through online and social media!

I used to run my own online business and found that the hardest part of getting customers and exposure was just getting my name and products out there! With over 21,100+ facebook followers, over 95,000 people reached through our facebook posts, plus over 27,300+ blog followers with 65,000+ unique visitors/month, Link Fairy is proud to help you get noticed by each and every one of them! is available for PR friendly services including:

  • Product reviews
  • Sponsored giveaways
  • Custom gift guides
  • Online advertising – website and social media
  • Sponsored posts
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Brand representation at events
  • Social outreach
  • Twitter parties
  • PR accounts
  • Social media program coaching, creation and managment
  • Blogger program coaching, creation and managment

To talk with Rachel about having give your brand a boost, please fill out the Contact Form Here! You can also email Rachel directly at Topfairy (at) .




Have a product, service, travel destination or experience you’re looking to get the word out about? A review through The Link Fairy is the way to go! I’ve worked with many main stream and small businesses to provide honest, fun and family friendly reviews on an array of amazing products, places, services and experiences.

Product and service reviews come at no charge to you, save for the product/service itself and shipping of that item . Any item/s that are sent in for review must have a retail value of, or equal to at least $40. If the products fall under this price point, please let me know and I will send my review rates over to you. All reviews will post between 3-6 weeks after I’ve received the item. This gives me adequate time to test out the product and form an opinion.

Travel destination and experience reviews are examined based on my availability during the time frame needed and review opp being offered. Opp requests with very little to no out of pocket expense to me will be held in higher consideration than those requiring out of pocket expense. There are 2 adults and 2 children, ages 3 and 2 that make up our family so please consider this when submitting a travel review request. I am available to travel by myself, but if it’s during the week preliminary plans must be made up to atleast 2 weeks  in advance since childcare arrangements need to be made for my children.

I love to review products of ALL kinds! I have a daughter and a son who both love to help me review items from clothing to home decor. If you wish to send something pertaining to my children please reach out to me and I can give you details about them.

Boost your review by providing an item to be used for a giveaway to go along with the review and gain even more attention!  Giveaways are not a required part of a review, however, they are another great way to gain attention and bring in new possible customers! If you would like to provide an item for a giveaway, you may choose to have it run for 1 or 2 weeks.

Reviews consist of my own, honest opinion of the product. Unfortunately, not every product preforms as well as others. If your item has merited a negative review for some reason, you will be emailed before the review is published and given the chance to submit a different product.

To request a product review, please contact Rachel through the contact form HERE!


Sponsored Giveaway Hosting


Let Link Fairy host a giveaway for you! Provide a prize, pick your giveaway length and let Link Fairy do the work!  We will create a giveaway for you through Rafflecopter, host it on our blog and facebook and advertise it at-least 2 times per day during the week in your given time period! Entrants will be required to follow your facebook/blog/twitter etc.  A great way to give your giveaway even more exposure!
** If you aren’t familiar with Rafflecopter, they are a website that allows you to create an auto-updating widget for hosting giveaways. If you’ve entered a giveaway through Link Fairy, you’ve entered through a Rafflecopter widget!

Giveaway Length options -

1 Week – $25
2 Weeks – $35
3 Weeks – $45
Boost your giveaway by having me list it through linky’s on other contest sites for an A La Carte price of $15
Once you’ve purchased your giveaway length, we will work together to choose a start date. You also have the option to have The Link Fairy add your giveaway into contest sites at an extra charge. This greatly increases the reach of the giveaway beyond just my readers. Giveaway Contest Site Listing is an extra $15 on top of the giveaway length charge.

To purchase a Sponsored Giveaway, please contact Rachel through the contact form HERE!



Facebook Advertising Info

Link Fairy offers 3 different Facebook ad package options built to maximize your exposure!
All my clients are included in my daily like ladders at no extra charge!  Ladders are another wonderful way to gain fans and gain exposure for your business online!
**Ladders do not include those with only web button or those doing sponsored giveaway hosting.
To purchase an advertising package on Link Fairy, either stop by our Link Fairy Ads Store on Facebook or contact Rachel, the Link Fairy at

Facebook Ads on Link Fairy

Regular Ad Package $15

Includes -

daily advertisements for your business on the Link Fairy facebook page. These ads will promote all that you have going on, such as giveaways, sales, promotions or anything else you have currently running on your Page, Website or Blog!

Featured Biz Package $25

Includes -

 - Daily ads on The Link Fairy facebook page

- An Album of up to 10 photos showcasing your products, along with any descriptions and links to go with them

Premium Biz Package $35

Includes -

- Daily ads on The Link Fairy facebook page
- An Album of up to 10 photos showcasing your products, along with any descriptions and links to go with them!
- A premium 125 x 125 ad spot in the Advertisers section of my website,! Constantly in view on my page, you’ll be giving potential customers easy access to your business with just a click of a button!

Ad Package Pricing

Regular Monthly Ad Package -

Monthly- $15

3 Months- $40 ($5 discount)

6 Months- $82 ($8 discount)

1 year- $170 ($10 Discount)

Featured Biz Monthly Ad Package -

Monthly- $25

3 months- $70 ($5 discount)

6 months- $142 ($8 Discount)

1 year- $ $290 ($10 Discount)

Premium Biz Package - 

Monthly – $35

3 Months- $100 ($5 Discount)

6 Months- $200 ($10 Discount)

12 Months- $405 ($15 Discount)


Ads will run anytime between 9AM CST and 10PM CST

There will be No Ads on the Weekends.  Running weekend Advertisements will be up to my discretion. Sat & Sun will be Open Wall Days and you may post anything you wish during these days.

Please understand that the Advertising Fee, once paid, is non-refundable.

All ad options are available for immediate purchase in the Shop For Ads Tab on my Facebook Page!

*Please Note*

Every business that signs up for Month by Month advertising will automatically be sent an invoice through PayPal for the following month.  This practice is simply a courtesy since I know  everyone gets busy and can forget to renew.  This invoice is not set in stone, if you wish to Change or Cancel your advertising, simply  send me an email at and let me know!

Website ad buttons

Make your business known world wide with an ad button on my website! Constantly in view on my website, you’ll be giving potential customers easy access to your business with just a click of a button!

Large Web Ads –

Square –

300×250 – $135 a month

Banner –

468×60 – $175 a month


Medium Web Ads –

Square –

250×250 – $127 a month

200×200 – $105 a month

Horizontal –

234×60 – $116 a month

280 x 125  $120 a month


To purchase a web button, please contact Rachel at!
A Lot of hard work goes into maintaining the Link Fairy page and providing up to date ads and promotions for everyone who follows and uses Link Fairy.  I feel my prices reflect the best deal possible; however, if you have any discrepancies about the way Link Fairy is run or the fees involved,  I am always open to new ideas and suggestions! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at !


- Rachel, Link Fairy


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