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I’ve been thinking of getting a Bluetooth headset for my phone for a while now, but since the town I live in recently made talking on the phone while driving illegal, finding a headset has become a necessity. I’ll admit I was totally one of those people who thought headsets look ridiculous. More so, I couldn’t stand that  it isn’t always obvious that one is wearing one. This is because every-time I was within proximity of someone who answered a phone call mysteriously without picking up their phone, I always thought they were saying hello to me, only to be looked at like a weirdo when saying hi back.

Jabra Style Bluetooth Headset Review

Since then, I’ve become more comfortable with the idea of joining the headset population and have been looking for one for a while now. Luckily I stumbled upon the Jabra Style! Not only is it  sleek and comfortable, it offers everything I could want in an affordable headset. A few of my favorite features are:

  • Auto Volume Adjustment automatically adjusts headset audio to your environment so calls are heard clearly
  • HD Voice technology provides crisp audio and a better sound experience
  • Clear, wireless streaming of your favorite multimedia – GPS directions, music and internet radio
  • Instantly connect headset with NFC enabled phones or tablets. Just tap the headset to your device and you’re ready to go
  • Jabra Assist App -geo-tags headset to find last location where headset was turned on or provides location of your car

Jabra Style Bluetooth Headset Review2

Setting up the headset was easy. I just made my phone discover-able by switching the Bluetooth setting on and allowing it to find the headset. Once that was done, answering and sending calls was a breeze! I was honestly surprised at how much easier my life has become since introducing the Jabra Style into my daily regime. It’s amazing what having 2 hands free and talking on the phone does for your productiveness!

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Since first using the Jabra Style, I have yet to take it off. It’s super comfy and I love that I can just tap the top button on the headset to answer a call. The noise cancelling and HD Voice technology does a wonderful job of making both the person I’m talking to and me easier to hear. I also love that it works with NFC devices and I can easily stream my multi-media to it with no issues.

If you’re looking for a fun and affordable tech gift to give your technology loving friends or family, the Jabra Style would look great with a big bow on top!

Grab a Jabra Style for you’re tech devices on Amazon.com today!


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  1. I’ve always wanted a headset, but the couple I’ve bought didn’t work well. I may have to check this one out.

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