A pet for all families – Zoomer the robotic dog from Spin Master Toys!

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Lately the my kiddos have been wanting to add a puppy to the family, but being little still, they aren’t ready for the responsibilities that come with taking care of a dog.  Luckily I’ve found the perfect solution with Zoomer from Spin Master Toys!  Zoomer is a robotic puppy that can do all the tricks a real dog can. Give your family a pet suitable for all ages with Spin Master’s Zoomer!

Zoomer Robotic Dog By Spin master Review

Once Zoomer arrived I think I may have been more excited to see him in action then my kids! Zoomer is super smart and able to understand three languages, English, Spanish and French. He also offers an array of other fun features such as:

  • Understands English, Spanish and French and responds when you call his name or tell him commands
  • Learns tricks and remembers them the more you teach him
  • Multiple sensors mimic actual dog motions
  • Wags his tail, barks, speaks and even sings
  • Follows you with his eyes
  • Zoomer may wander off or even “pee” if he thinks you’re not paying him enough attention
  • Comes with a free iOS or Android app download that offers tips for training (devices sold separately)

Zoomer the robotic dog review

Zoomer has to be one of the neatest toys I’ve seen in a very long time. I love that he doesn’t run off of batteries but comes with a mini USB cable for recharging. He can either be plugged into your computer or the wall using an adapter. Zoomer listens to voice commands by pressing a button on his head first, saying “Zoomer” and then speaking a command such as “sit”, “play dead” or “roll over”.  He can even follow your hand or finger with his eyes! He will follow you around if he gets board and if you decide not to play with him for a while he may even wonder off or even “pee” on things, which I found to be an interesting feature and the kids found it funny.

Zoomer Robotic Dog Review 2

Zoomer can run about 20 minutes on a charge which I have to say I was a bit disappointed about, but at-least he has a rechargeable battery which saves a bundle on buying batteries. We have loved getting to know Zoomer and his personality. He’s the perfect toy to help teach kids responsibility and what it’s like to have a pet. It really reminds me of a toy I had as a kid that was a virtual pet that I had to feed, clean and watch after. I loved that toy when I was younger and it’s so much getting to see my own children having fun with something similar.

See Zoomer in action!

If you’re looking for a fun and unique toy this holiday, be sure to check out Zoomer from Spin Master Toys. What child doesn’t want to open a box to see a puppy pop out!


Grab your own Zoomer on Amazon.com today!


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  1. My 6yr old son has been asking for a robotic dog for years. I am considering it since we no longer have dogs anymore. It’s pretty cool that this one understands French! :D

  2. My daughter is horribly allergic to dogs and I am allergic to cats but the kids want a pet. This just may be what we need.

  3. I always wanted one of these so I bet my kids would love it!

  4. I want one of these for ME!! Not the kids LOL

  5. I saw this demoed at a recent toy event and it was so fun. Such a cute gift idea

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